Kat's Original Bears
Asian Black Bear " Moon Bear"
Panda Bear
Sloth Bear
Polar Bear
Grizzly Bear
All the bears in this collection are styled to look as much like there true life counter parts as possible,
(with a touch of sweetness added)
A simalier styled Bear can be custom ordered
The Bears have taxidermey noses and claws, and have needle felted muzzles,
armature in there arms and double neck joints for easy posing.
The bears are sized from16 to 25" tall .

Prices range from $
399.00 to $499.00 depending on bear.
Each bear is an original made as they are ordered. If you would like to order please e-mail me to set up the details.

Black Bear
Kermode Bear
Baby Sloth Bear
Baby Black Bear
Sun Bear
Golden Teddy Winner 2010
Kermode with teeth #1
Kermode with teeth #2
Standing Grizzly with teeth
Long Haired white Bear