Kat's Original Bears
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Violet & Lilly
Violet is a sweet little girl Bear, she has her own long haired Needle Felted Bunny to Love.

This Beautiful Bear is 14" tall. She is made from 1" thick White Mohair. She has natural paws, and a realistic resin nose, a needle felted muzzle, big Rose colored Glass eyes with lids and armature in her Legs, back and neck for easy posing. She wears a crystal neckless.
325.00 US
Macy & Mia
Macy & Mia are a sweet little pair, Macy is 16" tall, Mia is 10" tall. Macy is made from a very long Black Mohair, Mia is made from Mohair Alpaca Blend, she has Green Glass eyes, needle felted muzzle, air brushed accents, wired arms, legs and tail and is fully jointed and has a double neck joint for easy posing. Macy has full body armature for easy posing,she has a needle felted muzzle with air brushed accents, Big Green glass eyes with lids, a realistic nose and natural paws with claws. She wears a Dragon Fly pendent. 450.00 US
Barnie is a sweet Brown Bear, he is 16" tall, Barnie is made from a very Beautiful European fur, very long and thick with long Black guard hairs and shades of Browns and a white tummy inset. He has armature in his arms, legs, back & neck for easy posing. Barnie has Big Brown glass eyes with lids, a realistic nose, natural paws with claws and wire in his ears.
325.00 US

Shiye, means "Son" in Navajo. He is 14" standing, made from Tipped German Mohair. He has natural paws, taxidermy claws and realistic nose, a needle felted muzzle, with Teeth and tongue, Glass eyes with lids, armature in his Legs, arms, ears and a double neck joint for easy posing. He also comes with a vest and hand carved fish.