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All Bears are designed and hand made by Teddy Bear Artist Kat Michalski
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The Bears Pictured here are made by special order. If you would like to have one of your own e-mail me for the details
Faces will vary a little as each is a one of a kind
Most of the Bears on the Realistic page are available for special order
Father Christmas
20" $425.00
Father Christmas is made from 11/2" long Honey colord German Mohair . He has a needle felted muzzle, with a realistic resin nose, air brushed accents, trapunto paws and big brown glass eyes with lids. Father Christmas has armature in his arms, legs, back and neck for lots of easy posing.

**Father Christmas is available in most colors of fur.
Each Father Christmas will look different in the face because each is an original.
Hudson, is beautiful Long Haired White Bear on all 4's, he is part of a series of Realistic styled Bears with lots of sweetness thrown in.

He is approx. 22" long and made from long realistic White European Syntactic Fur. This fur is beautiful and so wonderful to touch. Hudson has natural paws, claws, realistic resin nose, a needle felted muzzle, needle sculpted body, Air Brushed accents, Glass eyes with lids, double neck joint and armature in his legs, for easy posing. He has a new body style with lots of tummy.
$425.00 US
Ranier has been hunting for his family's dinner, he is a great hunter and fisherman, today he has fish for his cubs.
He is made from long white Fur, he has dark brown eyes with lids, leather truponto paws with claws, armature in his arms and legs for posing, a realistic nose, realistic body style and air brushed accents. Ranier wears fur skins to keep warm and has snow shoes. He has a staff made from the bones from one of his big hunts.

Ranier is done by special order only, each one being an original. If you would like to have your own Eskimo please contact me for details.

Email for price and details